Top LVN to BSN Online Degree Programs

Top LVN to BSN Online Degree Programs

Online LVN to BSN bridge programs are for licensed vocational nurses are meant to prepare students to work as registered nurses at an entry-level. These programs are the same as the LPN to BSN bridge programs that are offered by schools since the LPN certification and the LVN certification are the same, only the names are different and depend on the state the school is located in. Bridge programs give LVNs an opportunity to increase their skills through a bachelor’s program and degree. This advancement in education will allow LVNs to move on to more advanced positions in the nursing field and could eventually get a higher pay rate in a competitive job market.

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These degree programs can usually allow a student to complete the program in as little as two years but all programs differ and depend on different factors including the amount of credits needed to finish. The advantages of online LVN to BSN programs are that they are usually flexible and allow the LVN students to continue working in their current position as they take their courses. Here is a compiled list of online LVN/LPN to BSN programs that are currently available.

Presentation College

Presentation College’s LVN to BSN bridge program is only open to LVN students who have graduated from a state-approved LVN program. A small group of 32 students are accepted into each term which makes application deadlines crucial. It is possible for students to complete the degree program in as little as four semesters and upwards to six semesters. It is a great program for those who may be working as an LVN already since the courses are given through the internet and not on campus. Even clinicals can be completed at virtual sites in Aberdeen, South Dakota, Fairmont, Minnesota, and Fargo, North Dakota on pre-assigned weekends.

Indiana State University

Indiana State University is currently the only school in the US offering a LVN/LPN to BSN degree program that is completely online. Students can even take their upper-level nursing courses through the internet. As for clinical hours, these can be completed in the student’s location and will be covered by ISU. If students need to earn general education and elective courses or if they need their college equivalency exams complete they can do so using ISU’s affiliate The College Network and the learning materials they provide.

University of Mary

University of Mary’s Nursing Degree Completion Program was established over 30 years ago. It was tailored to allow LVNs with the right and up to date certification to advance to the next level of education and earn their BSN. Keeping in mind the busy life of an LVN the University added an online platform to their already established nursing program in order to work with their student’s possible scheduling conflicts. Like most of the other online bridge programs there are times when the students will need to go on campus. This is for orientation, presentations, some clinicals, as well as for oral and written tests. There are certain theory and clinical experiences that can done in the student’s hometown but students have to secure an Articulation Agreement with an approved institution in order to complete their nursing practice hours. There must also be approval from the state’s board of nursing.


To earn their BSN students have to reach the University’s requirements. This includes a minimum of 128 semester hours of course credit including 32 from the University of Mary itself, 56 in the liberal arts (humanities, math and science, philosophy and theology, and social sciences). The Division of Nursing requires students to complete courses in microbiology, anatomy and physiology, general sociology, general psychology, lifespan psychology, introduction to organic/biochemistry, ethics, and elementary statistics (some of these required nursing courses will also fulfil some of the required liberal arts credits).

The LPN to BSN degree program is accredited with the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and also approved by the North Dakota Board of Nursing.

North Dakota State University

This bridge program was designed especially with working LVN students in mind. Those with an associate’s degree in nursing and an LVN license can enter into NDSU’s online degree program. It hopes to prepare students for challenging and rewarding careers in nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, private offices, schools, and other relevant healthcare facilities. Each student in the program is required to take classes on topics like nursing management, psychosocial nursing, and integrated family nursing. They’re also expected to take 120 hours of practical experience in the Fargo/Moorhead area. This means that students enrolled in the program must live in that given area. More so, students will also have to attend certain events on campus including an orientation, validation examinations, and some clinicals. LVN students can hold their LVN license from any state, however.

Middle Tennessee State University

The LVN to BSN program offered by Middle Tennessee State University isn’t an online program but it does offer a handful of online classes for LVN students. This bridge program is an accelerated program for those with a valid LVN license. Enrolled students are able to take a Professionalism class, a Research class, a Health and Gerontology class, and a Pathophysiology class through the internet or a hybrid online program but only if it’s offered during that given term.

West Coast University

The LVN to BSN degree program at West Coast University was designed so that the students can finish their BSN in about three years. The program allows students to flourish through their already established skill sets. The course curriculum requires students to complete general education courses along with the necessary nursing courses that are designed to hone a student’s leadership and management skills. Once the degree program is finished students will be ready for careers in community health, surgical nursing, pediatrics, gerontology, home care nursing, psychiatric nursing, and all other healthcare positions. WCU offers this degree program in a hybrid fashion with both in-class instruction and online classes which can allow LVN students to finish the program in about 34 months.