Free CNA Training in Arkansas

Free CNA training in Arkansas

Free CNA Training in Arkansas: Start Your Career

The Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) now offers free CNA training and testing. This is for new hires in direct care at the state’s five Human Development Centers (HDCs). The goal is to invest in the DDS workforce and keep providing top-notch care.

This training lasts three weeks and covers both classroom and clinical skills. After finishing the program, staff will take a CNA certification exam at no cost, thanks to DHS. This effort boosts the skills of frontline workers, offers chances for growth, and ensures clients get the best care from skilled professionals.

Free CNA Training Opportunities in Arkansas

Arkansas is dedicated to giving free CNA training and certification to those wanting to become caregivers. The state’s main effort is through the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS). They offer free CNA training and certification to new hires in direct care jobs at five Human Development Centers (HDCs).

Arkansas Department of Human Services Programs

This CNA certification program is part of a big plan by the Division of Developmental Disabilities Services (DDS). They aim to invest in the workforce and ensure top-quality care for residents. The program is three weeks long, covering both classroom learning and practical skills training. The CNA certification exam is also paid for by DHS.

The main aim is to boost the skills of frontline workers. It offers chances for self-growth and ensures clients get high-quality care from skilled certified nursing assistants. By providing free CNA training in Arkansas, the state hopes to build a strong team of caregiving professionals. This will help meet the increasing need for CNA job training in the area.


The free CNA training program by the Arkansas DHS is one of many CNA certification programs in the state. Those interested in a career as a certified nursing assistant can look into other CNA training opportunities. These are available at nursing homes, community colleges, and vocational schools across Arkansas.

Free CNA training in Arkansas Offered by Nursing Homes

Many nursing homes and long-term care facilities in Arkansas offer free or low-cost CNA training. These programs let students get the training they need to become certified at little to no cost. In return, they agree to work at the facility for a certain time after finishing the program.

These programs are especially helpful in rural Arkansas. There, getting into CNA classes at colleges or universities can be tough. By offering free training, these facilities can hire skilled caregivers. This helps meet the healthcare needs of their communities.

Those who join these programs get to learn a lot. They study both the theory and practice of healthcare. This includes:

  • Basic nursing skills and procedures
  • Patient care and communication techniques
  • Infection control and safety protocols
  • Nutrition and medication administration

After finishing the program, students can take the state’s CNA licensing exam. This starts their career in healthcare. These free training programs in Arkansas help people start a caregiving career without the cost of traditional school.


Advantages of Nursing Home-Based CNA Training

Nursing home-sponsored CNA training in Arkansas has many benefits:

  1. Accessible and affordable education
  2. Hands-on training in a real-world healthcare setting
  3. Guaranteed employment upon successful program completion
  4. Opportunity to contribute to the local community’s healthcare needs

These programs are a great way for people in Arkansas to start a caregiving career. They can make a big difference in the lives of those they help.

State-Approved CNA Programs in Arkansas

Arkansas has many state-approved CNA training programs at community colleges, technical schools, and other places. These programs need 90 hours of classes and hands-on training. They prepare students for the CNA certification exam.

The cost of these programs varies from $0 to $1,200. Some places offer free training or payment plans to help students. After finishing a state-approved program and passing the exam, students can get their Arkansas CNA license. They can then work in places like nursing homes, hospitals, and home health agencies.

If you want to start a career in caregiving, Arkansas has many options. You can find certified nursing assistant classes, CNA training near you, or even free training. Arkansas is ready to help you begin your caregiving journey.


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